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Model 3600 (4T)

Our Model 3600 (4T)

The model 3600 can hold 4 tonnes and has been expertly designed as a front-loading trailer. To empty the trailer, a single rear door is hinged sideways and folds back onto the side of the trailer, this prevents the door sticking into the muck heap when tipped. It comes in the standard colour of Mid Brunswick Green.

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    Designed as a front loading trailer

    The front headboard folds down over the drawbar.

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    Easily Accessible Ramp

    The weight is taken by two tension springs, so raising and lowering the ramp requires little effort.

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    Quality Materials

    The ramp is made in non-slip alloy plate with alloy treads.

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    Reliable Fittings

    Lights, hydraulic brakes and a handbrake are fitted as standard. Options available include wide tyres and canopy. On some models, there is also an option of a twin axle, front extension ramp and rear loading. See our add-ons >

Model 3600 (4T) Specifications

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Body Length

3.66m / 12' - 0"ft

Body Width

1.88m / 6' - 2"ft

Body Height

1.88m / 6' - 2"ft

Overall Length

5.05m / 16' - 8"ft

Overall Width

2.00m / 6' - 6"ft

Overall Height

3.00m / 9' - 11"ft

Tipped Height

4.82m / 15' - 10"ft



Capacity: 13.96m³ / 515 ft³
Hydraulic Oil: 7.54 litres / 1.66 gallons


Unladen Weight: 2140kg


Number of Axles: 1

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